Maribeth Dunlap Dressage

"Recommendation for Maribeth Dunlap Dressage ~ The health, wellbeing and fitness of our horse is of the utmost importance to us and it has been a joy and a pleasure to work with Maribeth this past year as she has skillfully guided our young mare through a transition from eventing to dressage. Maribeth’s approach is highly professional, goal oriented, thoughtfully structured and systematic. The concepts and techniques she presents in her riding lessons are clear, concise and purposeful. I found it invaluable that Maribeth utilized a “three things learned” quiz at the end of each lesson to help me focus, review and carry forward the concepts and techniques presented. Maribeth has devoted much of her life to educating, training and sharing her equestrian expertise with students and clinicians alike and she has the capacity to help anyone who desires to improve. She will help bring out the best in you and your equine partner!"

Susan and Peter Freeman

Venice, FL

"I found a beautiful and skilled schoolmaster dressage horse and then found Maribeth as a trainer. I am an older rider and still learning dressage and I have a lot to learn! Maribeth’s style of teaching and coaching really works for me. She makes the lessons fun, and introduces new riding skills to me as I grow. Maribeth has quickly become an incredible friend! My horse and I always look forward to our next lesson.Thanks Maribeth."

Yvette Du Fresne

Punta Gorda Isles, FL

"Dressage is a new discipline for me.  Maribeth has made the transition from my hunt seat background to Dressage exciting and rewarding.  I have a whole new learning curve that is expanding with each lesson.  Lessons are challenging, fun and productive.  When schooling I’m relaxed and confident.  Always looking forward to my next lesson.  Thanks to Maribeth, my horse and I are so connected that I label every ride as “Awesome”."

Julie Kale

Punta Gorda Isles, FL

"I have been working with Maribeth for just a short time but I’ve noticed big changes for the better.  I am an amateur with a really nice young horse and I know Maribeth will bring out the best in both of us. She gave us great exercises to work on and there is always at least one “aha” moment where things come together so beautifully."

Marylynn Caruso

Punta Gorda Isles, FL

Maribeth has been helping me with my APHA mare since I bought her in December of 2019. When I bought her, she had some physical and emotional issues. Now, a year and a half later, we are confidently looking forward to the upcoming show season to compete at First Level.  What I appreciate most about Maribeth is her concern for what is best for the horse.  She balances challenging your limits with not pushing past what your horse can physically and mentally handle.”

Karen Borrego

Punta Gorda, FL

"I loved riding with Maribeth when she was here in North Carolina.  One of the things I loved best about riding with her is her ability to analyze rider position and make changes that positively affect the horse. There aren’t a lot of instructors that do this but they should because it is such an important part of our partnership!  I also love Maribeth’s positive encouraging attitude. Her main focus is a happy horse!"

Lisa Graf
New Bern, NC

"I am a returning older rider who feels privileged to call Maribeth a friend. In her friendship, I have found the support & encouragement to overcome many obstacles that customarily plague riders in my situation. I have found a positive attitude coupled with positive action and follow-through, a generous spirit that advises, shares knowledge, & guides anyone who wants to learn, & I've found the best example in Maribeth as she is constantly satisfying her love of learning through whatever means available to her. She lives & breathes classical dressage, for to her, not only is it the art of horsemanship, but it is a way of life, incorporating the principles of balance, rhythm, straightness, & flexibility into her everyday thinking and actions. If you want a good role model for yourself or your young daughter as a horsewoman, or if you want to work with your horse in a way you never have before, Maribeth will help you be your very best."

C. McGonigal 

Pleasant Gap, PA

"I have ridden with many different instructors with various styles and methods.  I was so impressed with Maribeth's ability to utilize traditional/classical and more modern concepts in her teaching style in a progressive way which was so logical.  She got me to ride outside my comfort zone with my difficult horse and show me what he and I are capable of with the right focus in our warm up!  I was so impressed watching her with our students of largely different abilities finish their lessons glowing with success, learning exercises that were perfectly challenging for them to execute without frustrations.  Her kind and positive demeanor was refreshing and uplifting.  I look forward to her clinics for myself and all of our clients."

J. Greshko

Plum Ridge Academy Inc.

Nescopeck, PA

"Testimonials for Maribeth attest to her excellence in teaching students and expertise in training dressage horses. As an adult amateur who has ridden dressage for 20 years and has trained with various American and European trainers, I can attest that Maribeth is both of those things. She is also an excellent farm owner who understands horses nutritional needs, physical health, and psychological well-being. Her clients horses receive superior care, regardless of their breeding, age, or talent. Her business is impeccably run - excellent footing in the indoor and outdoor arenas; clean, dry stalls that are picked frequently and have appropriate bedding; roomy paddocks with good water and shade; beautifully-managed grounds; quality farrier, vet, and dental care. Finally, her professional communication skills make her one of best in the dressage business. Thank you, Maribeth!"

Mya Poe, Ph.D. 

State College, PA 

Boston, MA

"Maribeth was the first person to introduce me to dressage several years ago. Since then, I have worked with many people, but Maribeth remains one of my favorite teachers. Her unique style of teaching is positive, patient, and effective. Perhaps my favorite of Maribeth’s qualities is her ability to face every problem in many different ways. For my horse, who was locked both physically and mentally, her ability to break through to him in a kind and soft way was the key to overcoming obstacles that we had been facing for a very long time. Maribeth teaches dressage not only as a sport, but as an art form– light, harmonious, fluid, and beneficial to the horse. She is able to break things down into manageable pieces, and then helps the rider to use these pieces to see the bigger picture and to see how their work today will help to build their future. I could never thank Maribeth enough for what she has done for my horse and for my riding!"

K. Pierce

Abbottstown, PA

"I’ve been a student of Maribeth’s since 2010. What I enjoy most about working with her is the positive and persistent approach she takes to teaching. Her tone is always encouraging, yet she pushes me to achieve more, frequently saying, “Let’s raise your expectations.” She’s also a position master and has helped fine-tune my seat to be more balanced, secure, and effective. My pony, Macaroni, and I can see our riding continuing to improve every day as a result of our hard work and guidance from Maribeth. Thank you Maribeth!!"

E. Izer

Greencastle, PA

"Who would have thought that I would ever have people responding so viscerally to a dressage ride? Not I, for sure. However, I hear comments like, “beautiful”, or “brought me to tears” after a Musical Freestyle developed in a clinic with Maribeth. She was able to help me (who, btw, cannot carry a tune) and develop the choreography and musical phrasing, seem easy and flow so seamlessly. My criteria were not so simple – I wanted a high degree of difficulty, but it had to be easy to remember. She does have the knack to break these complex processes down to understandable concepts for even the most “Left brain” rider. 5 star review!"
K. Brech

State College, PA

"I have been an adult amateur student of Maribeth's for about 6 months since moving to Pennsylvania.  Having ridden dressage for 14 years with various instructors I can attest to Maribeth's "eye" and knowledge of gymnasticizing exercises and dressage movements that will benefit my horse. She has the ability to explain what it is she is asking us to do and can break down the movements, if needed.  My horse and I are certainly progressing under her guidance and having fun at the same time!"

C. Hartinger

Centre Hall, PA