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Clinics, Training & Instruction

Maribeth's successful training program is available to all horses at all levels, and to all riders regardless of their riding level or discipline.  True to the classical training principle of calm, supple, straight, strong, and forward, Maribeth uses a system of training with her horses that one step builds upon the next. She suggests, tests, explores and seeks cooperation, always reinforcing successful efforts, which build confidence in the horse. Maribeth believes that classical training produces a horse that is balanced, athletic, responsive and confident, thus making him more enjoyable to ride and in turn, he enjoys his work. 

Maribeth is an excellent teacher and communicator.  Her teaching style is patient, kind and concentrated.  She makes learning even the most complex techniques fun and easily understood.  She has a precise plan that is tailored for the needs of each student helping them to progress and achieve their goals.

Maribeth emphasizes relaxed, correct training for both horse and rider. She uses gymnastics designed to achieve many goals, putting the horse and rider in just the right position to improve the horse's straightness, rhythm and quality of gaits. 

Maribeth also has a gift for explaining concepts to horses while in the saddle, ideas that continue when the rider is back up on their own horse - an improvement that they take home with them.

Services offered: 

  • Individualized training of horse and rider
  • Clinics
  • Musical Freestyle, Pas de Deux, and Quadrille Development and Coaching
  • Consultation services for the sale and purchase of dressage horses

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"The process of training is the most rewarding aspect of my work. Seeing a horse develop greater sensitivity, balance, relaxation, confidence, and expression in his movements is ultimately the goal of any training program, whether the horse is working towards a grand prix dressage test or towards successfully negotiating a hunter course. 

I believe that a well-schooled horse is one that has a solid foundation in dressage, can safely jump small obstacles, and is safe to hack cross-country. Using the foundation of the classic training principles, I use a system of training with our horses that one step builds upon the next. I suggest, test, explore and seek cooperation, always reinforcing positive efforts which build confidence in the horse. The horse enjoys his work, becoming more beautiful and proud, and becomes a trusted and treasured partner.

Equally rewarding for me is helping a rider to grow and accomplish personal riding goals.  I enjoy the teaching process with those who are eager to learn.  The hard work must be done by the student, but I enjoy guiding, supporting, and showing the way.  Being able to help build a solid partnership that is based upon knowledge, understanding, compassion, kindness and respect, between the rider and the horse, is the greatest reward.  I love what I do."

Maribeth Dunlap