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The Dressage Lesson

Posted on July 3, 2017 at 10:30 AM

The Dressage Lesson - A Poem

by Stephen Forbes

July 03, 2017

Contact, oh contact, what does it mean?

Trying to figure this out makes me want to scream

Too light, too soft, too hard, too strong

My instructor yells that it's always wrong

They say it means whats going on in the back

This Dressage thing I can't seem to get the knack

"The hindelgs the hindlegs they are too out behind!"

Trying to get this horse straight has got me in a bind

I kick and sit and close and I pray

There has got to be a much easier way

I'm drenched in sweat and haven't left the walk

I felt it, I felt it! I engaged his hock!!

Tears of joy stream from my face

Until my instructor puts me back in my place

His back is round and he's finally coming through

Oh wait, never mind he's just taking a poo

We are trotting now and this is much better

The contact is perfect and he's a light as a feather

It's not so hard, dressage has become clear

Until I trot by and look in the mirror

My horse is as long as a two storey train

Why do a sport that drives me insane?

I bend I flex I click and I cluck

My horse decides that's the cue for buck.

We fly through the air in a moment's flash

I swear I felt something leak from my ass.

I ride it out and act like I'm fine

I think the universe just sent me a sign

I re't wait for tomorrow I'm gonna learn how to ride!

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