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Suggested Reading List

Posted on September 1, 2011 at 9:45 AM

Suggested Reading List

Updated 2011

In Alphabetical Order:

ALBRECHT, KURT (1981; translation by Nicole Bartle 1993), Principles of Dressage, J.A.Allen, London.

BALLOU, JEC ARISTOTLE, (2005), 101 Dressage Exercises, Versa Press, USA.

BELASIK, PAUL (1990), Riding towards the light. An apprenticeship in the art of dressage riding, J.A.Allen, London.

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BELASIK, PAUL (1999), The Songs of Horses. Seven Stories for Riding Teachers and Students, J.A.Allen, London.

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BELASIK, PAUL, (2009), A Search For Collection, J.A.Allen, London.

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COLLINS, DAVID, (2006), Dressage Masters; Techniques and Philosophies of Four Legendary Trainers, The Lyons Press,

CT. CROSSLEY, ANTHONY, (1978), Training The Young Horse, Edbury Press, London.

DECARPENTRY, ALBERT (1998), Piaffer & Passage, Half Halt Press.

DECARPENTRY, ALBERT (1971), Academic Equitation, Half Halt Press.

DE KUNFFY, CHARLES (1984), Training Strategies for Dressage Riders, Howell Book House, New York.

DE KUNFFY, CHARLES (1992), The Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse. Manege Patterns, New York.

DE KUNFFY, CHARLES (1993), The Ethics and Passions of Dressage, Half Halt Press, Middletown, MD.

DE KUNFFY, CHARLES, (1984), Creative Horsemanship, Arco Publishing, NY, NY. FILLIS, JAMES (1902), Breaking and Riding.

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GUÉRINIÈRE, FRANÇOIS ROBICHON DE LA (1994), School of Horsemanship.

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HARRIS, SUSAN E., (1993), Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement, Howell Book House, USA.

HARRIS, SUSAN E., USPC Manuals of Horsemanship, Howell Book House, USA.

-D Level (Basic), (1994).

-C Level (Intermediate), (1995).

-B, HA, A Level (Advanced), (1996).

HASSLER-SCOOP, JILL, (2002), Riding Experience and Beyond, Goals Unlimited Press, Montana.

HASSLER-SCOOP, JILL, In Search of Your Image.

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HULL, MELODY & HEABERLIN, SANDRA, (1999), The American Lipizzan; A Pictorial History, LANA.

KARL, PHILIPPE, (1992), Long Reining; The Saumur Method, Trafalgar Square Publishing, VT.

KLIMKE, REINER, (1969), Cavalletti, J.A.Allen & Co., London.

KNOPFHART, ALFRED, (1996), Dressage: Guidebook for the Road to Success, Half Halt Press Inc., USA.

KYRA KYRKLUND & LEMKOW, Dressage with Kyra.

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NELSON, HILDA (1992), François Baucher. The man and his method.

NELSON, HILDA (1997), Alexis François L'Hotte. The quest for lightness in equitation.

OLIVERA, NUNO (1965), Haute école. Forty-three photographs of horses taught and mounted by Nuno Olivera, J.A.Allen, London.

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OLIVERA, NUNO (1988), Horses and their riders, Howley and Russell "Calrossie", Caramut, AUS.

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ZETTL, WALTER (1998), Dressage in Harmony. From Basic to Grand Prix, Half Halt Press, Maryland.

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